Wheel Restraints

Automatic Wheel Restraints

Conventional vehicle restraints rely on engaging a trailer’s rear underride guard to safely secure them to the dock. Unfortunately, many trucks have missing or damaged rear impact guards or are equipped with hydraulic lift gates or special bumper configurations and cannot be engaged by conventional restraints. Traditionally, the only option available was to use rubber wheel chocks. But these have proven to be ineffective, especially in wet and icy conditions.

Now, there are two simple but revolutionary solutions: the Serco Safety-Chock and Universal Truck-Chock. The Serco Safety-Chock and Universal Truck-Chock are permanently installed automatic wheel chocking systems that effectively restrain virtually any vehicle with a hydraulically operated steel wheel chock.

Safety-Chock™ Wheel Restraint

The Serco Safety-Chock secures trucks with a simple, effective, automatic wheel chock mounted above grade, allowing it to operate under the most extreme weather conditions. Because of its revolutionary design, the Serco Safety-Chock doesn’t impede lift gate operation or interfere with the landing gear on pup trailers. Maintenance-free, self-lubricated guide bearings and no mechanical drive components to wear out.

Universal Truck-Chock™ Wheel Restraint

The Serco Universal Truck-Chock is a permanently installed, automatic wheel-chocking system that effectively restrains trucks with a hydraulically operated, moving wheel chock. The Universal Truck-Chock provides continuous restraining force to the chocked wheel, reducing the probability of landing gear collapse, trailer creep or trailer walk, and can even service trucks with lift gates lowered to grade level.

Serco Manual Surface Chock

Serco’s Manual surface Chock provides loading docks with a cost-effective, versatile wheel restraint solution, and is capable of engaging and restraining the wide range of trailers that come to the dock, including trucks with lift gates, damaged Rear Impact Guards, or different axle configurations. Easy installation, simple operation and minimal maintenance provide a lower lifetime cost of ownership than other wheel restraint systems, and its ergonomic design enables easy maneuvering for accurate and reliably safe operation.