Freight Elevators

Pflow hydraulic vertical lifts

Series D Lift Offers High Quality and Safety, Low Maintenance, Features Exclusive Dual-Pak Design. Guided Dual-Pak design has no cables, chains, bearings or other components that can break or require lubrication. Lifts loads up to 3,000 lbs. Carriage sizes to 6′ x 6′. Vertical rise heights to 15′. Ideal for mezzanine and balcony applications. Pressure-compensated control valve regulates flow of hydraulic oil to ensure smooth, constant lowering speed under any load. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene cylinder guide prevents cylinders from twisting during operation, improves cylinder life. Durable, high-quality construction ensures safe, reliable, long-term performance.

Series 21 Lift Provides Efficient, Safe Vertical Handling for Loads Up To 8,000 Lbs. Adaptable for mezzanines, through-floor, inside or outside applications. Customized to meet your exact needs. Quality construction with 6″ wide flange columns, oversized bearings and heavy roller chain ensures strength, durability and long-lasting performance. Lifts loads up to 6,000 lbs. Carriage sizes to 12′ x 10′. Vertical rise heights to 22′. Standard travel speed is 24 FPM. Available in straddle or cantilever styles. Torsion bar links the two hydraulic cylinders to equalize the load and ensure the carriage remains level at all times. Optional quick-connect cabling for push-button stations and gate interlocks is available to significantly reduce field-wiring costs. (Check local codes for conformity.)

Pflow mechanical vertical lifts

Series F Lift Offers Maximum Capacity, Rugged 4-Post Design For The Heaviest Lifting Applications. Lifts heavy, bulky, oversized loads up to 50,000 lbs. and more. Transports multiple pallet loads, large carts and heavy machinery between two or more levels. Offers maximum flexibility in carriage size, capacity and traffic patterns. Loading and unloading from all four sides. Engineered to meet your exact application requirements. Unlimited vertical rise. Travel speeds up to 20 fpm. Heavy-duty construction provides superior strength, reliability and long-term performance. Available with patented DeckLock system that provides additional security at critical upper levels. Meets ANSI/ASME B20.1 code.

Series M Lift Series M Lift Offers High Performance And Durability With A Proven 2-Post Mechanical Design. Designed to transport large, heavy loads between two or more levels. Ideal for high-cycle, automated systems or frequent-use applications. Lifts up to 10,000 lb. loads with carriage sizes up to 12′ x 12′. Vertical rise to 200′. Travel speeds up to 25-30 fpm.