Scissor Lifts

Serco’s full line of LoadWarrior™ hydraulic, air and mechanical lift tables, turntables and tilters reduce back-related injuries while increasing overall productivity by making products and materials more accessible to the workforce. Serco LoadWarrior in-plant products automate simple tasks.

LoadWarrior™ Scissors Lift Table

Serco LoadWarrior Scissors Lift Tables provide versatile, ergonomic and safe lifting solutions for virtually any material-handling application. By bringing the work to the worker, LoadWarrior lift tables not only increase a factory’s productivity, they reduce worker fatigue and drastically decrease the risk of serious back injuries to workers.


  • Solid steel legs with stiffener bars for extra strength and support
  • Polyethylene tank prevents condensation, provides easy check of oil level
  • High-pressure cylinders with safety velocity fuses to prevent uncontrolled descent
  • Pre-wired NEMA-rated controls
  • High-strength roller pins with snap rings
  • Hardened steel rollers
  • High-strength steel polished axle pins
  • UL-approved control components
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI MH29.1 standard for industrial scissor lifts
Scissor Lifts

LoadWarrior™ Double Scissors Lift Tables

Serco LoadWarrior Double Scissors Lifts provide operators with a high-traveling, adjustable work platform without taking up valuable floor space. In fact, LoadWarrior Double Scissors Lifts utilize the same platform size as our standard scissor lifts.


  • Pre-wired power unit with UL approved control components
  • Internally mounted 5 hp power unit
  • Self-lubricating composite bearings
  • Solid steel legs with stiffener bars
  • Turned, ground, polished and hard-chromed axle pins
  • Double-wire braided hydraulic hoses
  • Velocity fuses on all cylinders to prevent uncontrolled descent
  • Polyethylene reservoir allows easy visual check of oil level
  • Maintenance locks built into base frame
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI MH29.1 standard for industrial scissor lifts