Load Hog

For years, warehousing operations have been asking for a better solution for their loading dock needs than edge-of-dock levelers, portable plates and many types of mechanical pit-styled dock levelers can provide.

LoadHog™ is a modular dock bridge designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer that mounts to the warehouse floor using only four heavy-duty anchor bolts and requires no concrete work. The bumper block assembly attaches to the face of the dock with four anchors per bumper.

LoadHog is easy to use and only requires approximately 38 pounds of lifting force to raise and store the unit. LoadHog also provides comparable working range and operational capabilities of a mechanical dock leveler.

LoadHog is easy to install, easy to operate, provides superior environmental control, superior sanitary and rodent control and provides a lower total cost of ownership than conventional solutions.

LoadHog stores inside the warehouse and allows the dock door to close tight against the floor, minimizing energy loss and improving loss prevention. LoadHog has fewer parts and only requires lubrication at two points that can be accessed from inside the building.

LoadHog provides a vertical barrier protecting the overhead door panels from damage. Combining LoadHog with a TKO door provides the highest level of protection against door panel and track damage.