TKO Doors

An industry was created with the first TKO dock door. Impact-resistant doors were designed to solve the continual problem of door damage and expensive maintenance. TKO dock doors have been installed in thousands of applications and industries around the world for many Fortune 500 companies.

Jr. WelterWeight™ Dock Door
The industry’s most cost-efficient, full-featured knockout door. The Jr. WelterWeight dock door is ideally suited for dry storage warehouses where forklifts, electric pallet jacks and manual loading are frequent. The door features the TKO impact design, which includes spring-loaded, polymer-coated steel pins and a wooden core that offers the toughest, most flexible barrier.

WelterWeight™ Dock Door
The industry’s most affordable, full-featured knockout door. The WelterWeight dock door is the one facility planners choose to add doorway convenience, efficiency and cost-savings to the dock of any new construction project. The door features the TKO impact design, which includes spring-loaded steel guidance pins and rugged insulated panels against forklift impacts.

MiddleWeight™ Dock Door
Combines the most popular features of the WelterWeight and ThermalWeight models to eliminate track damage and provide energy efficiency. Heavy-duty steel plungers and unique Impact-A-Track™ door track provides rugged dependability, reducing downtime and repair costs. Panel-mounted gasket is protected from damage to provide a reliable, energy-efficient seal.

CruiserWeight™ Dock Door
Moderately-priced total knockout protection for dock doorways. Ideal as a replacement door or for new construction projects. Does the job of a standard dock door by securing the doorway while capturing HVAC energy. Insulated panels and door-mounted seals rise clear of traffic when the door opens.

HeavyWeight™ Dock Door
In answer to the industry’s demands for a door rugged enough to withstand the toughest docks, the HeavyWeight dock door is the original and still the strongest dock door. Built for the rigors of heavy traffic doorways, the HeavyWeight dock door can go toe to toe against a charging forklift, with a warranty to prove it. This is the last door you will ever buy!

ThermalWeight™ Dock Door
Cold storage and perishable docks put special demands on dock doors. TKO designs and builds the ThermalWeight dock door to stand up to the abuse of these environments. Patented door with knockout design, insulated panels and full-perimeter seal combats costs from energy loss, repairs and downtime. Panel-mounted gasket is protected from tearing for a reliable seal. Easy-to-clean panels meet requirements for food handling facilities.