Non Impact Restraints

Pit Bull™ Safety-Loc® Vehicle Restraints

To guard against premature departure, trailer creep and trailer walk, Serco has designed the Pit Bull Safety-Loc Series. The Pit Bull has a bite that locks on tight, engaging a trailer’s rear impact guard and securing it more effectively than rubber wheel chocks. Serco Pit Bull Safety-Loc restraints are most compatible with the new rear impact guards because of their non-impact, low-profile design.

Serco Pit Bull Safety-Loc Series restraints feature dual locking positions at 7″ and 11″ from the face of the dock bumpers. The unique dual locking design restricts trailer movement while also providing additional horizontal range for recessed, wider and bent rear underride guards. Pit Bull restraints can effectively engage virtually any rear impact guard configuration.

Serco SLP Recessed Restraint

The Serco SLP Restraint is a hydraulically actuated, recessed, non-impact restraint ideal for new construction or remodeling applications. The SLP is installed in a pit under the leveler and offers a clean dock face, allowing unobstructed access to smaller delivery vehicles, trailers with hydraulic lift gates and an open drive for unimpeded snow plowing or drive cleanup.

The hydraulically activated SLP effectively controls trailer movement by grabbing and holding the rear impact guard throughout the loading/unloading process and stores under dock leveler, away from ice and debris. This restraint is virtually maintenance-free and keeps the driveway clear for snow removal.