Planned Maintenance

We know that although your docks may not make or produce anything, your raw product and finished product travel through this area. Without a properly functioning dock area, your productivity or sales will be dramatically affected.
Contracting the maintenance of your dock leveler, truck restraint and door equipment with us will provide you with confidence in your equipment, improve the safety of your employees and reduce the lifetime ownership cost of your equipment.
Our Planned Maintenance Program includes:

Cleaning of your dock leveler pit
We vacuum clean your leveler pit. We know that a clean dock pit ensures a longer life to your working parts. A dirty dock pit clogs working parts, slows the leveler movement and causes rapid component wear through rust and corrosion.

Inspection of your equipment

Our factory-trained technicians are experts at finding potential troubles, those breakdowns waiting to happen. If we find problems, we fix them at your request, saving you big problems down the road. We look for:

  • Bent or damaged structural members
  • Cracked welds
  • Worn or damaged moving parts
  • Proper chain connections & linkage points
  • Proper light communication sequencing


All equipment at your loading dock requires lubrication. Little or no lubrication causes excess wear and improper lubrication can also cause damage. We know that different parts need different lubricants and that some parts should not be lubricated at all. With proper lubrication components are protected from wear, moisture and corrosion. Levelers, doors and restraints work smoothly and efficiently and down time is reduced as the service life is extended.


An improperly adjusted dock leveler, door or truck restraint can cost you money and create hazards. Common complaints caused by improper adjustments include:

  • The dock leveler lip won’t extend.
  • We can’t walk down the dock leveler.
  • The ramp rises slowly.
  • The door is hard to lift.
  • The lights on the truck restraint do not work correctly.

Under our program, we adjust all necessary components depending on the model you own, including main springs, lip assists and linkages.


We go one step further with professional documentation. Each piece of equipment requires its own checklist and we provide a detailed checklist of the work performed and evaluated. At the conclusion of each service call, you will automatically receive and sign this checklist. We also note any needed repairs that we discover.
Let us work with you on the proper maintenance of your equipment. Our goal is to improve your productivity, reduce your down time and keep product flowing to your customers.